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Are you thinking of moving to Glommersträsk or Glommersbygden, but are unsure whether you will find a suitable job? On this page we give some tips! To see all the jobs in the area, we suggest to visit​. As a resident of Glommersbygden, you have several larger towns within commuting distance: Arvidsjaur township, Norsjö, Malå and Jörn and a little further to the coastal towns of Piteå and Skellefteå. From the train station in Jörn there are several trains daily, which can create opportunities for those with a remote work. Glommersbygden is also a good place for those who want to start a business, or perhaps you already run one but want to relocate?

Team Almgens åkeri.jpg
Team Almgens åkeri.jpg

Almgrens Åkeri - driver needed

Do you want to work with us?

The main task will be as a truck driver, but if you have experience with wheel loaders and/or excavators, it is advantageous. The job is varied and can be anything from gravel driving, ploughing, loader truck with crane, machine moving, to asphalting, etc. Varying working hours depending on the season.

Scope of employment: Full-time

Salary according to contract/agreement.

Requirements: CE qualification, YKB.

Experience or age is not of great importance as long as you have a great drive and the desire to learn and develop. If you are interested, send a message on their Facebook, call 070-3629965 or email

No question is too stupid! We look forward to receiving your application!

gk door glommersträsk

Medarbetare GK Door

GK Door AB has been an established carpentry/wood processing company since 1969. Their main products are self-made interior doors. They are constantly in an expansion phase and are looking for ambitious, driven employees. Experience in the wood industry is an advantage but not an absolute requirement.

GK Door.jpeg
glommersträsk räddningstjänst.jpg
glommersträsk räddningstjänst.jpg

You can make a difference

In Glommersträsk there is a part-time fire department, perfect for those who might want to have a little work on the side while being able to help and rescue. The rescue service, which is under Arvidsjaur's, is currently looking for reinforcements, so if you are interested in being involved, contact the fire chief, contact details can be found on the link below.


Study on a distance

Did you know that many vocational training programs are offered at a distance today? That is, you can train regardless of where you live. In the Arvidsjaur urban area there is a Learning Center where you can easily and flexibly take exams if necessary. Here you can see which YH training programs are currently offered, with Arvidsjaur as a satellite location.

Start or run your own business

If you are a person who enjoys running your own business, this is absolutely a place where you can to do the things you love. The residents of our area are generally very energetic and enterprising, so you would probably thrive among all the other driven entrepreneurs in the area. Don't have a business today but maybe are thinking of starting one? The municipality of Arvidsjaur collaborates with Nyföretagarcentrum Nord, who helps you with everything you need to know when it comes to starting and running a business. Nyföretagarcentrum Nord is located in Arvidsjaur approximately 45km from Glommersträsk.

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