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In Glommersbygden we have a rich selection of places to visit, both in nature where you have treasures to find 24/7, but there is also historical places and interesting destinations worth a visit. 

Bärens hus 

First berry museum in Sweden,House of berries

bärens hus glommersträsk.png

In the centre of Glommersträsk you find "Bärens hus", the only place in Sweden that has gathered the history that is so strongly connected to our area. What people today are defining as luxury, to go outside your house and pick some berries to fill your freezer with, was back in the 1900 century a very important industry. Here you can see the amazing history and also buy some of the locally produced products from berries growing in the area.



Glommersträsks homestead museum

Hängengården is located in Glommersträsk and offers an amazing 1800 century environment. The mail building is dated from 1804 and moved to the current location 1810. The museum has close to 3000 gathered items in a total of 12 building, but the main rarity is the authentic old school hall from 1843, worth a visit for sure! 

Sara i byn

Sara in the village 
the village in the world

Visit the hometown of the author Sara Lidman

Sara Lidman was a celebrated author and a strong opinion leader who did not give away for resistance. She had the quality of seeing people and wanting to give everyone a voice, especially the vulnerable or people who were set aside.  


A journey through time

This village became a cultural and nature reserv 2008. Gallejaur in the municipality of Arvidsjaur is a remarkable and well-preserved village from the 1800 (19th century). Here stands nine different farms timbered and painted, surrounded by pasture and moving fields. When you come to Gallejaur, it feels like time has been standing still.


Map over bathing places and fishing areas is coming soon. 

Lakes and water courses

Mirrored lakes or wild rivers, no matter which you prefer there is plenty of places to choose to find that perfect spot that you love. 

Forest and land

Available at any time

There are many places to discover out in nature. You can find hiking trails, snowmobile cabins, marshland where you can pick cloud berries and many other sweet spots when it comes to picking berries or mushrooms. Enjoying life doesn't have to be more difficult than this, bring some coffee and go on an adventure, maybe you'll come across a reindeer or maybe you'll be surprised by the amazing silence and stillness that nature has to offer.

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