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To relocate is often a big and sometimes a scary thing to do, and to settle down in a brand new place is even bigger than that . Here we have gathered some information that could help you on the way. For you who is considering moving to Glommersträsk or it's beautiful surroundings and villages, we highly recommend contacting us via our moving-in service. Just fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will help you making your dream develop to a reality!

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What kind of job can you have? 

In the central village, Glommersträsk you can find many business, industrials, school, elder care and other employers that is looking for workers. You can find some employment ads via Arbetsförmedlingen but it is not always everything that is offered. To see some of the available works in the area you could also take a look here. As a resident in the Glommersträsk area you have many possibilities for commute to several places nearby such as Norsjö, Arvidsjaur, Jörn. And with the great possibilities of  distance work you can also for example be working in Piteå, Skellefteå, Umeå, Luleå or Lycksele. In Glommersbygden we also have a lot of passionate entreprenours who run their own business, maybe you're on of them? This area with it's rural location is also very suitable for anyone wanting to do agriculture or having your own farm, the space for it, we have!


To study at a distance gives new opportunities!

Do you know that more and more education is offered at a distance? With the digital opportunities you can go study several different professions while experiencing the life in Glommersbygden. 
Read more about studying at a distance or how exams works via Arvidsjaur at their webpage Arvidsjaurs Lärcentrum,

Except from the educations and courses you can find on there is also opportunities with University of Applied Sciences courses. Read more here

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Everything within a short distance

Despite the rural location om Glommersbygden we have a lot of services in the area. In Glommersträsk you for example can find preschool, school up to 6th grade, library, sports hall, ice rink, ski tracks, shooting range, gas station, outdoor pool, store, café and an inn with restaurant. The store "Finnbergs" also handles parcels, is an agent for the pharmacy and the liquor store. In Arvidsjaur you can study at high school and in senior high school. Road 95 that goes through Glommersträsk is also trafficked by bus, for example there is tours every day between Skellefteå and Arjeplog. Nearest translation is located in Jörn around 30km from Glommersträsk and the closest airport is located in Arvidsjaur around 50km away. 

Meeting places

Everybody get's seen 

Sometimes the more practical aspects of moving is the easy part, while the more abstract ones could be more difficult. But in the long run it is the last mentioned one that plays a huge role whether you will enjoy your new residence or not. In Glommersbygden you can choose to be active in one of the associations, networking with other parents if you have children or maybe just start a conversation with someone you meet at the sidewalk. 

Don't be surprised if you're enjoying a cup of coffee at Finnbergs café and someone at the table besides you ask if you are the one who just moved here. Or at the local inn you get an extra special welcoming greet at one of the pizza nights despite that you've never met before. In Glommersbygden you can chose for yourself how active or visible you want to be, but you will never be invisible. 


Your free time

An outdoor paradise 

In Glommersbygden there is a big variety of activities, activities that also are available all for free! To live close to the nature, as all of us here do, gives you amazing opportunities for you who like the outdoor life. You can find hiking trails, ski tracks, beaches, ice rink for ice skating, football court, both gravel and grass (we also have football trainings for kids)beach volleyball, outdoor swimming pool, snowmobile tracks, amazing fishing waters, public rest areas, a large selection of active associations and beautiful destinations. Throughout the year there is a lot seasonal events such as Christmas market, ski competitions, celebration of the national day and more. Together with what nature has to offer, we would say we have everything we need to either enjoy a calm and relaxing free time or filling our everyday life with activities.

Do you want help moving to our area? Fill in the form and one of our move-in-helpers will contact you and guide you through.

Thanks for your message, we will contact you very soon!

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