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södra sandträsk - Glommersträsk


"Glommersbygden" is an area in Arvidsjaur municipality, Swedish Lapland with Glommersträsk as a central point. If you dream about a rural location but still want to be close to everything, you have come to the right place! Here in your maybe future settlement on the countryside you can find many small villages, some more populated with neighbors visible from your front porch or kitchen window. But there are also areas where your property is embedded in the safe embrace of nature and the only thing you can hear is the sounds of the birds from the other side of the lake. 

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The Illien family chose Glommersbygden.

 The Illien family moved to the small village Moräng in autumn 2020. Yvonne is originated from Germany and Raphael from Switzerland, but it's here, in the north of Sweden where they want to make a living. 

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For the one who is curious about how life in Glommersbygden can look.



For the one who is thinking about moving here and needs information about living, work, free time activities and more.

 Glommersbygden is a true paradise for thoose who is seeking to experience nature, and the best part - all is for free!

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Time to slow down?

Have you ever concidered something new? Concidering to slow down, to be able to gear up? Even if your new life here in the area of Glommersträsk is calm and secure, it can still be a little bit of an adventure to live here. You are living in a place many people are dreaming about, in you're everyday life your doing things many would consider to be holiday. Isn't it time to take it slow, so that you can put in another gear? 


GK Door about Glommersbygden

"We are able to recruit because it's close to a lot of things and you can have a very good life here. More and more people are discovering the countryside. Jobs are becoming more and more digital, but I also think that the closeness to nature is becoming increasingly important. A place like Glommersträsk can really provide both. Here, it's close to both worlds."

Parkskolan i Glommersträsk

Är du nyfiken på vår skola? Klicka dig vidare här nedan så kan du få en överblick över skolans område och där kan du även se vår skolfilm! 

Glommersträsk Lappland

Are you interested in moving to Glommersbygden but you don't know where to start? Where you can live? If you want to build something new? How does it work with the school? How to you find friends? Are you searching for work? Are you running your own business that you want to move to the are? Want to start something new? Or maybe your interested in distance studies while living here? 

Regardless of what your first step will be, we want to help! To make it easier for you if you want to move here we are offering a free service where you can have a personal contact and helper no matter which questions you may have. 

Yvonne, moving-help

My name is Yvonne and I'm from Germany. Back there I was a lawyer, but 2014 I moved to Finland to follow my passion with sled dogs. After some years in Finland, Norway and north of Sweden we came to Moräng, Glommersträsk in september 2020. Here we have build up our own sled dog kenel and started our own tourism business: Lappland Nature Dreams. We are very fond of our beautiful village Glommersträsk and all the lovely people here. Therefore I'd love to help if you would like to move here. You can contact me in Swedish, English or German. I hope to see you soon! 


Viktoria, moving-help

My name is Viktoria and I was raised in the small village Södra Sandträsk 20km outside of Glommersträsk. Today I live in Glommersträsk with my husband and five children. I'm a photographer by profession but I love to be creative in all different ways. To have my children growing up in Glommersträsk is very important to me since I really love this place and except from all the wonderful people and the nature here, it is truly a safe place for my children to grow up in. If it's something I really is passionate about is that other people would be able to experience this community and that's why I'm happy and excited to help you with moving here. I'm available for both Swedish and English. See you! 

infqlyttningslots Viktoria Glommersträsk


Renar i Glommersträsk Lappland.jpg

Do you have any questions? 
Don't hesitate to contact us via this form. 

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